Thursday, January 31, 2013

Livable Style

As much as I love flipping through the pages of Elle Decor, I almost love seeing real livable spaces more. Er, I mean its all livable - but more like, we have kids and want to be comfortable, but also care about living in a beautiful space.

I got so excited when my friend who is currently looking for a house sent me a link to this one. Its in a suburban area of Dallas, probably upper middle class families - nothing fancy and definitely not expecting the inside to look like it does when I saw the picture of the outside of the house (which is nice but doesn't really mirror up to the inside).

Their living room is open, full of great texture, and just enough color. LOVE: deep seat sofa, layered rugs, fiddle leaf fig tree, sunburst mirror, the sofa is not pushed right up against the wall, and fun paint on the inside of their built-ins.

The master is large, and no surprise that I love all of the shades of blue! and LOVE the open spacious, clean and well lit bathroom.

Again with the blue - I LOVE. and can you even tell if this nursery is for a boy or girl? even better. 

So refreshing to see homes like this in the middle of the 'burbs where you may not expect it. It almost makes accomplishing some of these looks in your own home seem more doable!

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