Friday, January 25, 2013

Thanks Sadie + Stella

I'm so pumped about two things: 1) Ordering my ridiculously affordable watercolor of Mitzi from Lamanda Designs, and 2) Ordering this awesome bracelet from The Way We Are!

Two finds brought to us by Sadie + Stella in her post yesterday.

I have been wanting to get a portrait of Mitz-Mitz, but most that have been recommended are a little more than I can justify spending. Lamanda Designs is so affordable ($30 for an 8" x 10" watercolor). They also offer acryllic and oil paintings as well for just a little bit more. Seriously, how much fun?!

(obviously I think Mitzi will be even more cute than this, and I will likely obnoxiously flaunt it to you and everyone else when I receive it)

As for the bracelet... I can't say no to an awesome statement piece that I know I will wear all the time. Its really reasonably priced as well, which makes me want to buy more than one. Check them out - lots of fun colors and variations!

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