Thursday, January 24, 2013

Living Room Update

Don't worry Mr. Husband - this is just for fun.

I wanted to play around with the core pieces of my living room, well, for fun! Here are some quick thrifty ideas I came up with using a lot of the same pieces. This is a good way to show you how to quickly change a look without completely tossing everything you own. A throw pillow or lamp shad can make a big impact.

Dusk Tufted Sofa,
Large Leather Chair & Ottoman (similar to the one shown but with square legs)
Green Chair (similar to the one shown but slightly lighter in color)
Aiden Coffee Table,
and my walls are "Light Silver Sage" from Restoration Hardware
 Everything I don't own is listed below

These are all looks that I could easily pull off with my current pieces. If I don't want to buy a new floor lamp, I could just take the one I own outside with a spray can of white Rustoleum. It wouldn't be too difficult to get a bright geometric shade by painting one I have at home either - kind of like this! If you don't have any plants in your home, you should really reconsider. There are so many that are easy to care for, and they add a natural element that you can't get otherwise. Large areas rugs are an investment, but if you buy a few for different rooms, that will allow you some flexibility to switch them from room to room if you need a change. Its also nice to keep one from getting too much wear in high traffic areas.

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