Thursday, February 7, 2013


holy shniza!

Recently Mr. Husband and I have discovered a huge life destroying minor moth problem in our closets. In most cases I would be elated by the fact that most of the damage was done in Mr. Husband's closet, but not so much.

Baby moths (I don't like using the word larvae because it sounds jank) like to eat natural fibers to grow big and healthy, so naturally they go for the expensive stuff... Like all of Mr. Husbands nice silk and wool suits. That's right - all of his suits, aside from one, have been destroyed.

Those of you who don't live with a guy - or your guy doesn't have to wear suits - or your guy doesn't care about wearing nice expensive suits, you may not be thinking this is a big deal. WRONG. If we were to replace each of the lost suits - not to mention everything else that was ruined - right now, it would cost us $$$$ (lets just say I could buy this bed, and most all of the accompanying pieces from RH that I've had googlie eyes on for a while).

So, needless to say we were mad and in full on moth fighting force. I hope that you never have to go through this, but if you do here are the steps we took to eradicate them (borrowed a little of everything from several sources).

1. Wash and dry on HIGH heat everything, and dry clean the items that can't take the heat. Keep the clean clothes out of your closet.

2. If its freezing temps outside, leave your shoes and bags outside over night. I decided it would be okay to put some of mine in the freezer. (hot and cold temp changes kill the little buggers)

3. Once you've removed everything from your closet... clean. Vacuum and then dumb the vacuum in an outside trash can. Wipe down everything with disinfectant.

4. Have an exterminator visit. I'm not sure what they do or spray, but it can't hurt.

5. This is the one that kills me... force yourself to purchase some mothballs (gag) and sit them in your closet for a week or two. If you don't mind smelling like an old lady, you can leave them in your closet. If you've never smelled mothballs before - I seriously doubt you will be leaving them in your closet.

6. Get yourself some cedar boards and line at least one wall of your closet - depending on the size of your closet (ours are small). Some one even said the spray cedar essence once a quarter for good measure.

This doesn't seem like a lot, but its a long and ANNOYING process that will have your house in shambles for a while. Not to mention you will need to prepare yourself for a pretty hefty dry cleaning bill (Mr. Husband haggled with the our dry cleaner and got them to bring out total bill down by $100 - so don't be afraid to ask for a "bulk" discount).

Happy Moth Hunting Games.

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