Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bright & White Rooms I Love

Two of these rooms have me seriously considering a move to Arkansas. Or, if I'm being less dramatic I could just say that I am way in LOVE with these simple white rooms. They're colorless and full of color at the same time.

The subtle hint of purple in this bedroom is dreamy, and the almost bare floors really warm the space and keep it from feeling too sterile. The elements of this room are so simple that it would be simple to recreate - probably part of the reason why I love it... its real and liveable. Like a fashion equivalent to casual chic.

Seriously y'all - how about that headboard? Mr. Husband and I have made an upholstered headboard for our guest bedroom and it was no big deal. Now, I'm thinking we should give this extra tall, cutout silhouette a whirl.

This room may not be all too practical for every home, but thinking about my Aunt's small river cabin I couldn't think of a better solution for the space. First, I love it and there's something almost whimsical about it. The thought of kids climbing into the built in bunks, and friends circled around after a long afternoon outside... LOVE. The rope chandelier is fantastic and compliments the exposed rock. I also really love the larger size wood plank wall in contrast to the smaller wood plank ceilings. Can you imagine a more fun place to spend your summers?

One more.... Okay, on top of this just simply being a beautiful kitchen - I love the back wall. I am obsessed with the windows, the plants and the fact that the natural green is the only color. The whole thing is ridic. Can you imagine that fireplace in a master bath - yes please! 

This kitchen is too pretty to cook in... which is perfect, because I don't cook!

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