Thursday, February 7, 2013

Project List Sneak Peak

Hello people.

Thought I would share a couple of big projects I'll soon be forcing Mr. Husband to help me with in our house. I'm so excited and will definitely share our progress over the next few weeks.

First, we will be working on our spare bedrooms' closet doors. We inherited wood panel acordian style doors that I really no-likey (who does?). I have been wanting to do something with them - like leave them out by the curb - but didn't want to spend a ton because those rooms are rarely used.

Then I met Abby via her blog, DIY Design and she solved my problem. Her blog is full of amazing DIY how-to's and she has really great detailed notes and pics! She had the same jank panel doors in her studio and transformed them into nice custom-looking cabinetry. Totally copying her project!

DIY 5 Panel Shaker-style bi-fold closet doors for about $30 each!

All of the doors in our house are the similar wood panel doors that we painted white when we moved in. I'm thinking that I could do something similar to this project to jazz them up a little bit too!

The second project is a hybrid of two rooms: this one from Rambling Renovators, and this one from The Lettered Cottage.

The point of the project is to add a little bit of storage and update an otherwise boring room. I want to use the Ikea wardrobes, but leave the space in between open for a desk now, and possible a crib or bed later on (depending on which spare bedroom we decide to use for a nursery when the time comes).

Rambling Renovators Baby Room

And I will probably tack on this one small little side project for Mr. Husband before Summer hits... I want him to make me a couple of these chaises with the wood we have piled up in our garage. He will think I'm crazy, but seriously - how hard can it be?

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