Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dog Portrait

Remember this post about the watercolor dog portraits?
Well I finally got around to ordering one of Mitzi, and holy moly its so freaking cute!
She made this (in 3 days!) ridiculously amazing painting for $37 - including tax. WHAT?! Go check here out on Etsy.

Here are the original pictures I sent her to work from if you're curious... She's the cutest ever! Mr. Husband and I are completely in love with our little valentine!

And to think, I thought Valentine's Day couldn't get any better when I opened my mailbox to find this litttle gem... then my little sister emails me an amazing Groupon deal for Copper Mountain lift tickets (we happen to be taking a sister-mom ski trip at the end of the month!) that we took full advantage of... AND THEN Mr. Husband sent me the most amazing succulent garden to work. It makes me happy. Happy Valentine's Day y'all!

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