Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Morning Treasures

Okay kiddos, we have a lot of ground to cover today so lets jump in! I probably need to start taking my camera with me when I shop so I can stop apologizing for these jank phone pics....

First stop, a Dallas antique mall that turned up a few interesting pieces, including this lamp. Its a really good size lamp and looks expensive in person. I'm sure its not antique - or even vintage - but its a good deal at $57!
Right: antique mall, Left: Pottery Barn

WARNING: This next one may offend some of you soft-hearted animal lovers.... BUT it was already dead - nothing I can do about it!
I'm really diggin the antelope love happening right now. Check out the post Sadie + Stella did not too long ago on antelope floor coverings. I saw this and instantly thought it would be completely amazing as a layered piece in an office or along side a bed. Mr. Husband didn't think so, but I'm pretty sure his judgment was fogged by the not so glamorous taxidermy accompanying the hide. If you're not into the killing animals for fashion and style, then check out the animal safe choices at your favorite flooring shop!

Target. For real. I first saw these little cuties on one of the blogs I read (and now cannot rememeber which one to save my life - sorry!) and went directly to Target.com to buy them, but they were already sold out. I went to a few different store locations and finally gave up with the assumption that it wasn't meant to be. Until... a few nights ago when my Mom and I stopped by Target to pick up some Advil, and ended up leaving with a shopping cart full of goodies (shocker) - including 1 of these benches for $59.99!

I was thrilled to have found just the one, but was hoping that they would tell me where I could find a second in a nearby store. Well, that nearby store was a good 30 minutes away - and way out of the way from anything and anywhere I go. I finally got around to driving myself out to the middle of no where in not such a good part of town where I probably should not have been by myself at night (oops), and there sitting on the shelf were 2 more benches! I snagged the one additional that I needed, and quickly made the observation that this was the Target I needed to frequent for all things home related. They had everything on their shelves, that has been sold out in my local stores for weeks!

Along with my new x-benches, I found a small stash of Nate Berkus decor pieces that were 50% off (still full price on Target.com)! I also picked up a version of this wall art with a silver/pewter frame and matted for $14.97 (pics to come in a later post)!! For this reason alone, I will be making monthly stops to this Target location.
 (tray $15, silver shell $10, chain $7, box $10, tall vase shown $12.50, short vase $11.50)

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