Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DIY Door Makeovers - Part 1

Dear Blogosphere,
Its been quite a while since we last had a visit. I had  a fun girls trip with my mom and sisters that I had to prep for, enjoy, and recover from. Don't worry though… I'm back and ready to continue our meaningful relationship.

A lot has been going on in this crafty case since I returned from my trip. Remember this post about the bi-fold closet door make over? Its happening! 

We are literally in the middle of the project, and like most of the projects I drag Mr. Husband into, I totally underestimated the amount of time it will take to finish. That being said, I thought it would also be a good idea to throw in updates to a few more interior doors. Why not?! Right?

All of the doors in our house are circa 1978 hollow panel doors with jank door knobs that should be replaced. When we moved in, all we did was paint them white – which honestly didn't even come close to hiding the hideousness. I couldn't justify spending the money to replace the hardware on these doors because they were just so sad and gross.  I was all but resolved to having ugly doors for the remainder of our time in this house, until I took a visit to my friends house that she recently had remodeled (I have every intent of crashing her house to share with you once she's settled and gives me the green light, don't worry!!).

Her new doors are lovely. They're heavy, solid, thick wood doors. What caught my eye on them specifically was the trim that was used to give them the custom look.
BAM! My doors may not be heavy, solid, or thick, but they could certainly take some trim to dress 'em up!

So, that was the second half of our weekend door make over project, that didn't get finished this weekend…. That probably won't be done for a few more weekends. Oh well, its going to be bad ace once its complete. Here's a teaser pic to wet your pallet….

PS – I totally rocked my leopard print fur trapper hat on my ski trip. My sisters were pretty jealous.

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  1. If you're thinking twice about spending on your door, then you have the option to be creative. Use your imagination, or search for ideas. With little paint, you can give your door a new look. Remember, what your mind can conceive, you can achieve. I'm wondering what your door looks like now?